Saturday Club Sports Celebration event

we had 20 children who enjoyed their time last week at the Saturday Club sports celebration event . We hope that you were pleased with the planning and hygiene measures that were applied to the sports celebration activities. We have taken further bookings for the same ( or similar) events this term and wanted to let you know that this can be pre booked for a group of up to 20 children. To clarify they can follow the Saturday Sports Program in a varied format according to Gov. Guidelines and without becoming a ‘Party’ .. Lots of physical activity, social ( distanced) interactivity and most importantly FUN. If you wish to try it for a Birthday or just to let ‘the power of sport back’ into our lives then get in touch. Thanks wcs ⚽️🏏🏈🏅🤸‍♂️

OUR HOURS Regular hours 10am-4pm

Early/Late class option at Orley Farm Only 8.30am to 5.30pm

  • Mill Hill we BEGIN AT 10am and end at 3.45 for handover by 4pm.
  • After 4pm late fees are due. £10 per 15 mins 4.00-4.15 / 4.15.430 etc.
  • The school locks up at 4pm and 2 staff must stay with the late children.
  • We hope you can arrange to pick up from 3.45pm or have friends do so.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Unpaid Admin fee.
If your child attends the club or camp and is unpaid we will need to add a £10 administration fee due to the additional work involved. Please pay on drop off or before by BT. Thank You.

Usual Program of Multi Sports / Art/ Drama / Bushcraft will be adapted to become covid secure