– Groups max 15 with key member of staff – children to stay in bubble not mix other groups
– Coaches are assigned to their children and stay with these children throughout the day
– Bags, coats and lunchboxes kept tidy in allocated place for each bubble ‘base’

Play and lunch times

– Separate playtimes and allocated play areas
– Reduced playtime equipment – hard surfaces and can be easily cleaned
– Games discussed which encourage distancing – football passing, catch etc
– Staff supervision throughout – actively encouraging distancing
– Children spread out to eat lunch – outside where possible


– Leader to have wipes and alcohol gel in each session
– Daily hygiene briefing to children reminding about hand washing etc. Re-visited and modelled many times a day – lots of praise for adherence
– Children to have sports equipment for their bubble (any shared equipment is cleaned by group leader after session)
– Children hand wash or hand gel on entry to school, before break, after break, before lunch, after lunch, leaving school, using the toilet, between sessions and any time they cough or sneeze


– Only one boy and one girl allowed to go to toilet at a time – children to alcohol gel when leaving and re-joining group (wash hands in toilet also). Still go in two’s but only one inside at a time (send little ones with an older child – to remind hand washing).
– Toilets will be cleaned regularly to ensure high standards of hygiene


– Head coach to follow list of cleaning procedures antibac door handles, taps and flushers at break and lunch times (delegate some to staff at start of day and end of day)
– Resources washed in safe cleaning solution if being used by another bubble
– Tables, door handles and other surfaces cleaned with safe cleaning solution every day


– Children spaced out on large tables for art activities
– Surfaces wiped with antibacterial spray after use
– Resources cleaned with antibacterial wipe after use

Pick up and drop off

– Cones outside the pick up areas for the children and parents to wait – more than 2 metres apart as more than one person
– Parents not to enter buildings – children will be sent to them outside


– Children to wear swimming costume under clothes in the morning to avoid changing beforehand
– Children to have staggered exit times from the pool to change in allocated areas
– Staff to clean peg after children changed
– Benches to be removed from changing rooms


– 9.00am meeting for morning briefing and end of day certs (on FB and Insta not paper) on field separated
– Outdoor spaces used as much as possible
– Head coach called for children who cannot adhere to cleaning and bubbles
– Staff to have option to wear masks/visors if desired – government does not advise this
– Doors propped open where possible
– Mental health and wellbeing focus each day to explain and discuss differences/anxieties
– First aid requires gloves and mask if close contact – this must go in PPE bin (double bagged)


CLEANING: *See additional cleaning rota for more information*

Children are allowed to engage with our regular program of sports activities. They will be in their bubble and in their bubble social distancing rules are relaxed. They can therefore engage with games and activities together, providing;

Equipment & hands are clean before & after any contact.

Any activities which involve the use of resources, must be prepared beforehand & resources must be cleaned before and after use.

Each staff member will be given a backpack with cleaning spray, wipes & anti bacterial gel to use for the week.

- Each member of staff will be given a “bubble” of the same children for the week. The staff member will stay with this group for the whole week and be in charge of supervising activities, break & lunch with them 
- Each member of staff will have a register for their “bubble”, if anyone who isnt on the registers appears, please send to Bryn in Butler hall

Each bubble will have in their allocated “base” location (Astro, Sports Hall, Gym, Butler Hall)

Children will come to their base location each morning where member of staff will be & they will leave their coats, bags etc in their base location for the day. They will be dropped off/picked up/have lunch here with their staff member. Parents will be aware and will collect accordingly. 
Sports hall – Corridor 
Gym – Pigeon holes in hallway
Butler hall – inside 
Astro – cabin/hut 

HOME TIME – we will provide electronic certificates for the children, so let us know each day who your certificates are for and we will send/publish them online at the end of the week. Parents will pick up from bubble location from allocated member of staff.


Each day, staff must discuss with their “bubble” the activities they would like for the following day.

You can discuss and let the children choose, try to cover a variety to keep them all happy, we want to let them choose as much as possible, so get them to vote.

At the end of the day, bring your suggested activities to Bryn & we will work out logistics of location/resources etc for the next day

– You will be based in you bubble location in the morning and will be with your group for the day, so you must have the resources ready in the morning for your whole day & any sharing/switch over will be planned. 
- We have provided an outline of activities below for ideas, along with links to websites/youtube tutorials to assist with planning sessions


Call Bryn if any incidents occur – Bryn is our first aider

Keep phones on you to be called/make call for emergency. 

- Gates 
- Doors- updates onsite

Water games – We will not have swimming this year ( TBC) so instead will introduce a water games session. Outline below with some ideas, feel free to make up/use any other games.

- Water pistol SPLAT The player standing in the middle of the circle is the “splatter”. The splatter randomly squirts water at someone and shouts “SPLAT!” The player pointed to must duck down; then the two players on either side of the “ducker” must “splat” each other by pointing to the other and saying “SPLAT!” Whoever is slowest get squirted with water and sits down and is out. Keep going until there is only 1 person left. They are the winner and become the splatter next.

– Duck Duck SPLASH – This game is similar to Duck Duck Goose. Sit the kids sit in a circle. The child who is ‘it’ has a cup of water. She walks around saying duck, duck, duck, while splashing a little water on each head as she walks by. When she gets to the person she wants to tag, she yells, “Splash!” and dumps the rest of the water from the cup onto that kid’s head. That kid has to chase them around the circle to try and beat them back to their spot or else they are the new ‘it’.

Time bomb but with a water bomb. One person is in the middle of the circle and they close their eyes and count to 10 in their head at any speed they like. Children start passing the water bomb around the circle carefully. When the person in the middle gets to 10 they shout “bomb” and whoever has the water bomb has to splash it on their own head.

Water balloon catch: This game simply requires some water balloons. Pick partners and toss the water balloons to each other. How many times can you pass it to your partner before you get soaked? Try and beat your score!

Water gun tag: Water gun tag is sort of like laser tag. Split into two teams and try to squirt the other team. The team with the driest shirts at the end wins! You can also play water fun hide and seek. Have one kid be ‘it’ while the other kids hide. When the kid who’s ‘it’ finds any of the other players, they get a wet surprise.

Water relay: For this game, split the kids into two teams. Each team has two buckets and an extra-large sponge. Fill one of the buckets with water and put it a few yards in front of the empty bucket. The point of this game is that one player from each team takes their sponge, runs down to the full bucket, fills the sponge with water and runs back to squeeze as much water as possible into the empty bucket. Then the next player goes and so forth, like a relay. The team with the most water in their bucket (the one that started out empty) wins.

Liquid Limbo: This game is a wet ‘n wild take on limbo. Just take a hose and turn the water on full blast. Use the stream of water as the limbo stick. See who can limbo the lowest without getting wet.


www.teachpe.com – Great website with loads of ideas for all sports coaching/PE teaching. 

Basketball – skills, drills, matches, shooting, dribbling. Websites below has lots of resources/ideas:


Athletics – long jump, triple jump, races, hurdles 
Athletics games on the website below:

Football – passing, dribbling, shooting, control, heading, goalkeeping, 2V2 football drills
Football fun skills – watch videos on this site for more info –

Fencing – Games on website below

DLB (Danish Long Ball) – Great game, mixture between cricket and dodgeball. 
Youtube “Danish Longball – Physical Education Game (Striking & Fielding)” link below.

Cricket – Games on website below




Ball games 
- Dodgeball

– King ball
- Rollerball 


BAGA awards overview

- No partner balances
- No vaults/apparatus

Mats separated/ spread out

Focus on singular routines & movement

Mirror routines from distance 

Rhythmic Gymnastics: See youtube for tutorials & BAGA sheets guidance

Ribbon work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=InGvLLB7L6k

Scarf dance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-33ntQlvyo

Hooping: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwXGab0nulM

Throwing & catching ball: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3MSLaVO-MM


Just dance on youtube for ideas – child friendly songs

Group routines

Partner routines


Mats separated/ spread out

Can have mats moved outside if needed

Slower movements & breathwork

Cosmic kids yoga on youtube has great stories/movements with meditation elements
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=so8QN9an3t8 – Owl and Guard dog mindfulness
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5uIZ2KOZZeQDQo_Gsi_qbQ – Youtube channel

Fun & Games

Sabotage/Manhunt/Hide & Seek

Gladiator games – chn put into teams & complete for points throughout the session. 
- tug of war

obstacle course



Power ball

Rainbow games: https://www.unicefkidpower.org/group-games-for-kids/
- Wink murderer

Grandmas footsteps

Duck duck goose

Ice cream sundae/fruit salad

Mr Crocodiles Golden bridge

Parachute games: https://www.playparachutes.com/pagaac.html
- sharks and lifeguards
- Colour game 
- Cat and mouse 
- Foam ball game
- Washing machine 

Arts & Performing Arts Program

Drama games: http://www.bbbpress.com/dramagames/ 
- Chair game

prisoners and guards

Improvisation games

Stop! What are you doing?

Role play

Story telling

Arts & crafts: https://www.happinessishomemade.net/easy-summer-kids-crafts-that-anyone-can-make/

Separate resources for chn, given on plates/cups for them to use independently.

Use lollipop sticks for PVA glue and pencil packs for chn to use.

Spaced out over wider area.

Dispose of cups/plates when finished.

Staff member clean pencils/equipment/surfaces & repack/tidy at end of session.

Outdoor art & construction


Forest School/Meditation