Skill & Sports Development by wcs History of World cup sports

We began at Highgate School and have been located at Gurnell Leisure Centre, Bushey Metropolitan Police Club, The John Lyon School, Mill Hill County High School and Orley Farm School. The latter two venues we continue to run at to date. We have been operating for over 40 years.

Our ethos is to improve skill acquisition for all ability levels through maximum participation and encouragement. Our fun program and friendly staff help to improve self esteem by enhancing personal performance in a safe and friendly atmosphere.

Initially we began as a football camp, gradually progressing to include multi-sport with the addition of gymnastics, drama, arts and other activities broadened our camp to appeal to all ages of boys and girls. As a teacher for 40 years I believe that the holiday camp should offer activities that promote positive involvement and encourage social skills through Sports and Arts . Our program has evolved through many years of listening to parents and children whose input is sought and welcomed.

By 2019 we have seen 2,000 very happy children at our multiple venues both for Holidays and Saturday clubs. Skill & Sports Development by wcs