Rise Up Charity Launch for 2021 ( Revised 2023)

“Covid 19 arrived in 2020 and put a stop to my planned sabbatical year. So I have actioned a plan I had for my retirement and brought forward the idea of providing Holiday Camps, Saturday Clubs, Expeditions and After School Clubs for children who cant afford them.” Peter Ryan Nov.5th 2020

We aim to provide for ‘pupil premium children’ at the start and branch out later to include other underprivileged groups.

Peter Ryan. Charity name: RISE UP Charity registration number: 1190966

What is the Plan? To Begin with I hope to raise £50,000 through grants, funding, sponsorship & donations, we are busily working on this with volunteers through the November Lockdown .This will allow us to work towards setting up in 5 schools in the first half of 2021. It will also allow us to employ staff to run the provision and work full time on fundraising in order to sustain these initial venues for future years. Once we are underway we will seek to grow to 25 schools in the following year providing consistent support during term ( after school & Saturday) and during holidays.

I hope that this vision gives you an outline of what we hope to achieve and if you are able to donate through your company we would be happy to set up at a school of your choice ( Local to your company ) thus allowing your association to benefit those in your location.

Please contact riseupbywcs@gmail.com if you would like to discuss sponsorship. kind Regards Peter Ryan MA Ed

The Linkedin Pitch….Seeking Support.

‘Seeking your help, support & guidance in a new field for my newly registered Charity Rise Up.

How can you help us?

Put in touch with a company that has a ‘Good Cause budget’

Community & Charity Opportunity

Dear Friends,

If you know me you are aware that as a teacher of 40 years plus I have been involved in providing children’s holiday camps, after school clubs & expeditions for most of that time. I wish to develop in the future free enrichment programs for underprivileged children in London and begin fundraising today to find the sponsorship to build a web site and staff base that will help to launch this project for the new year. Please get in touch if you would like to advise , help, introduce or get involved. I was advised that now is not a good time due to covid but for my target audience there is no time like the present especially when its helping those who need it more than ever. The impact of the Covid 19 pandemic has brought unprecedented and unexpected challenges to children’s mental health and wellbeing. Children have lost access to crucial support services, are isolated from friends and trusted adults. I am hoping to hear back from you. Kind regards as always Peter Ryan MA Ed

Our Charitable objects. The objects of the CIO are to act as a resource for children and young people, and in particular, but not exclusively, those children and young people who attract pupil premium funding (or similar ), who are looked after, and those who come from a low socio economic background or are on the (at risk) register by providing advice and assistance and organising programs of physical, educational and other activities as a means of: (A) advancing in life and helping young people by developing their skills, capacities and capabilities to enable them to participate in society as independent, mature and responsible individuals; (B) advancing education ; (C) providing recreational and leisure time activity in the interests of social welfare for people living in the area of benefit who have need by reason of the youth, age, infirmity or disability, poverty or social and economic circumstances with a view to improving the conditions of life of such persons.

Bank Details for donations.. Account Rise Up.. Barclays Bank.. Sort code 20-92-63 Acc.No. 93421716

Ball Park Figures £ How far does your sponsorship go ? Full school camp circa. 50 children Individual child sponsorship cost

  • £20 Single full day
  • £100 5 day week
  • £1300 per annum for Saturday & Holiday club included

The cost for a camp running at a school/venue

  • £40,000 Holiday Club full year (c.10 weeks)
  • £4,000 Holiday Club Single week Monday – Friday 8.30am-5.30pm
  • £3,000 Saturday/ After School Club full term
  • £9,000 Saturday/ After school Club full Year Action plan
  • Lottery
  • Princes Trust
  • Sport England
  • Registered funding central* and charity of excellence* CR
  • Just Giving.. *AR
  • https://charitydigital.org.uk/topics/topics/the-best-online-fundraising-platforms-for-charities-5324