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Surname Family
eg 07956607645 Emergency phone number will receive txt info about the course please share info.
Please put N in the box if you are new to us so that we can arrange a special welcome.
Age in Years on first day of course
Gender Male or Female
Registers will contain year groups together.
What School do they attend?
Medical Details if any please .
Early (£4) 8.30 - 10am & Extra Time (£5) 4.00-5.30pm Please put E or L or Both E/L Any other requirements details in Your Message to Us Half day (£25) 9.30am-1.15pm put 'H' in box eg Tuesday 22 H
Enter number 1 if attending and 0 if NOT .
Enter number 1 if attending and 0 if NOT .
Enter number 1 if attending and 0 if NOT .
Include details of Individual days, Eary, Late & ( 1/2 days for 4 yo)
Please total £'s & complete within 3 days by Bank Transfer (or CCV's to Barclays Sort 20-37-16 Acc. 00054879
Bank Transfer ref. as much of your child's full name as you can fit on 'Reference' If making an HMRC payment or child vouchers please put code and details here so we can match payments to booking.
Child Care Vouchers (Payment due 10 days prior to start) CCV Please put any relevant reference here to allow us to match it up to your child full name . Orley Farm Setting Reference Number: 2635987 Registration Number 2635986 for Skill & Sports Development.
Full Address please including post code if this is your first camp. Regulars leave blank unless your address has changed.
Please give permission for us to take photos of your child for our web pages. We will use various pictures from time to time on our website of those who give permission. Or tick No.