The Gymnastics Club at Orley Farm School

10.00am -12.00pm Saturday Mornings. Open to other schools, friends and family.

Skill & Sports Development by wcs

January 15th to March 26th (NOT including half term February 19th) 10 weeks Cost: £110 . Taster sessions are available at £11 – please contact us to arrange.

Our gymnastics club has been very popular over the years for our relaxed approach to gymnastics, different to traditional clubs. We allow our children to develop at their own pace, enjoying gymnastics during every session.

The children are grouped according to age and ability. Each week the children work on four areas of gymnastics: Floor (individual and partner), Climbing and balancing, Rhythmic Gymnastics and Vaulting.

Over the year there are three terms, each with a different focus: Competition/Gym Awards and Display. This years Spring Term BAGA (British Academy of Gymnastics Award’s) where the children work towards a level and receive a badge at the end of the term. Summer Term 2: Competition term. The children focus on individual and partner based performances and experience gymnastics competitions in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Where to go

Registration is outside the Gym and Sports Hall, by Pre Prep.

What to bring

Please come dressed in appropriate clothes, T shirt & Shorts, or Leotard with hair tied back and with easily removable shoes (flip flops are ideal). Children need a water bottle and small snack (piece of fruit or biscuit).

Other information

Please do not park in the Residents parking bays