OFS Booking
Please select when you wish to attend. Note Closed/ October 18-22 Week 1 / Full
Children First name(s)
Surname Family
Emergency Phone Number
Full Address please including post code
Age in Years on first day of course
Please let us know which form they are in so we are able to group them together.
What School do they attend?
Please note if you are booked in and do not attend we are unable to 'carry over' this as staffing has been arranged and late adjustments are disruptive of groups & ratios. To switch is a £10 admin fee)
We will group according to their Year at school, age and gender unless you request otherwise. As restrictions lessen we will alter groups on the day.
Please total £'s & complete within 3 days by Bank Transfer (or CCV's to worldcupsports.co.uk Barclays Sort 20-37-16 Acc. 00054879 .
Bank Transfer ref. as much of your child's full name as you can fit on 'Reference' If making an HMRC payment or child vouchers please put code and details here so we can match payments to booking.
If other please provide details as we may have to set up an account . This may not be possible.
CCV Childcare Vouchers. Please put any relevant reference on to allow us to match it up to your child. Orley Farm Setting Reference Number: 2635987 Registration Number 2635986 for Skill & Sports Development.
we will publish various pictures and videos on our website with those who give permission in action.